I'm Becky. I'm so glad you've stopped by!

A bit about me... I love to laugh. I'm full of gratitude. And sarcasm.
I love to see the beauty in the everyday.

Thankful thoughts. Beautiful things.

I love coffee in the mornings (skinny vanilla lattes are my jam) and Diet Dr. Pepper... well, basically anytime. My bliss is found in crazy family travel adventures, belly laughs when one of our kids says something hilarious, and finding myself alone, with an incredible book on a stunning beach... at sunset.

At my core, I'm a creative. A maker. I love to photograph, to write and blog, to design and inspire. I feel so honored to play a role in someone else's story... photographing a beautiful newborn or family and giving them a legacy of images to share with future generations; partnering with small business owners to bring life to their passions - their businesses - through marketing plans and branding designs; making someone laugh, or think, or feel they're not alone, through reading my words.


I feel such gratitude for the blessing of these gifts, and my ability to serve others through them. I'm also so thankful for my family, who make me smile, and make for excellent writing material, just about every day. My husband Jeff and I live in Hudson, Illinois, with our three cutie pie kids (twin boys and a girl), two dogs and a whole lotta crazy.

To follow the beautiful mess that is our life, check out my blog or connect with me on Facebook or Instagram! You can also contact me.

 photo by laura k. allen

photo by laura k. allen