Here we go!

It's happening, folks. I'm blogging.

Something that's been on my list of "things to get to", "things I should do" and "things I'll do eventually-when-the-kids-grow-up-and-maybe-then-I'll-have-time" (yes, I see how silly that concept is as I type it out. Because obviously when they all grow up, all my time will be spent crying!). The thing is, I've been called to write for sometime now, and this is the now.

What a better day than today, eh?

So let me say HELLO! with my first visual.

 Photo by sharon guillotte

Photo by sharon guillotte

I am blessed to do life with this gifted, funny, hardworking man who drives me crazy in both good and bad ways, and together we have the three most adorable/beautiful/smart/whiny/challenging (depending on the day) children on earth. Add two dogs to the mix and we definitely, "have our hands full", as the well-meaning strangers in the grocery store all seem to say.

My life is beautiful mess (some days more messy than others) and I am far from having everything together. Oh boy. So. far. from. it. But I love to write, to encourage and inspire, share funny stories, share life lessons and thoughts, with photographs of my daily life and my professional work (photography and branding/design) sprinkled in along the way.

So welcome to my new online home, friends! I hope you find it filled with giggles, authenticity and gratitude.

And cheers to a new year, and to starting new things. | BH