Our Vintage Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel.

Ever since purchasing our home in 2008, we'd been dreaming of a new kitchen. (And I'd been dreaming of a modern farmhouse kitchen.) Then life happened, and babies started coming, and we were too caught up in sleepless nights and showerless (is that a word?) days to think about it much more. But a couple of years ago, with 3 small children all under age 4, we realized that we were at a crossroads - we needed to either relocate, or stay put in our home and make our house what we wanted it to be. My husband is hopelessly in love with our large, tree-lined backyard, and so it was the latter option that won. We started saving up for this investment, and I started dreaming up ideas of what this new space would look and feel like.

Practically speaking, our wish list pointed at something more spacious and roomier for our growing family. Jeff and I both love to cook and be in the kitchen, so we needed more counter space and prep area, as well as a bigger island for family seating and "project" work space. Aesthetically speaking, my wheels started turning, brainstorming how we could incorporate the details of old and new: loving the simplicity and clean lines of modern design, mixed with the neutral color palette, vintage textures and diverse materials found in more rustic farmhouse kitchens.

Needing help to bring the "visions in my head" (and on numerous Pinterest boards) to life, we chose to work with Amy Raber of Prairieland Designs. Amy's expertise in space planning and kitchen design were so incredibly helpful. She was able to transform our space into a design plan that really made sense for our family, and she was excellent at translating my personal style and tastes into suggestions we loved!

For a family of five, a summer without a functioning kitchen, which meant lots of microwavable mac-and-cheese a la the garage microwave, was... interesting... but so worth it! Here are the before and after images of the light and airy, gorgeous kitchen we love waking up to each morning.