I think of a newborn baby and think of a simple, innate beauty. On a blank canvas of simple, light backgrounds and little to no adornments, the beauty is in the details. In the back wrinkles. In the sheer, almost invisible eyelashes. In tiny toes and even teenier toenails. In wisps of hair and curled up baby fingers.

With bigger children it's the big bright eyes, expressive faces and giddy laughter that I love to capture; but for these newborn sessions, with fresh new little people, it's these subtle nuances that will so quickly fade. The start of a brand new story that has just begun to be written.

For Norah, her story begins as the first baby girl in the family... a little sister to love after three boys. Mommy is a teacher, Daddy is a firefighter and, between them, and three older brothers, I think Norah's story will be full of love and affection. Welcome to the world, sweet Norah.

I love the precise simplicity in her images. The purity of white. The simplicity and perfection of a new little being. This baby girl is truly precious and unique and I loved creating these images that help to tell the story of how baby Norah's life began.

In addition to these in-studio images, I had the pleasure of photographing Miss Norah and her parents at our Fresh 48 Hospital session.

simple newborn baby girl wrapped in white
newborn baby girl in a natural pose lying on a white blanket
smiling newborn portrait baby fists head wrapped in pure white cloth
sleeping newborn baby girl lying on belly on textured white background and light gray wrap
sleeping baby girl newborn overhead shot details of hair and nose simple and minimalist
naked natural newborn baby girl simple relaxed pose on solid white background
simple newborn baby girl on pure white blanket with squished cheeks and hand under chin
minimal clean detail shot of newborn baby tiny wrinkled feet pink toes
sleeping newborn baby natural fetal position simple clean on pure white backdrop
criss crossed newborn baby legs and toes detail image on simple background
relaxed sleeping newborn baby girl curled up in white headband with tiny yellow flower
close up photograph of newborn baby girl sleeping in sweet floral headband with a yellow flower
simple portrait of tiny newborn baby toes little feet brand new
peaceful newborn baby girl sleeping under white knit blanket with tiny fists in the air
8 day old baby girl in cream lace romper curled up on textured white lace blanket
newborn baby girl in natural sleeping pose wearing oatmeal lace knit romper and white floral headband
sleeping newborn girl in simple neutral colors resting with hand on criss-crossed legs
adorable newborn girl lying under pink and cream knit blanket while snuggling with tiny teddy bear
sleeping newborn baby girl with simple white background and brown furry teddy bear

Sweet dreams, little Norah.

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