Summer Fun in the Sprinkler

As a mom, I often try to remember, and then recreate, the simple fun of my own childhood. Especially during the warm Illinois summers. I remember being just giddy when we got to play in the sprinkler. Why? I'm not so sure. Water play in the backyard is always fun, but there's something whimsical and unpredictable about the moving sprays of a sprinkler coming your way. As much fun as it was for me as a kid, one thousand times better is to hear my own three giggling about, dodging the sprays or trying to leap over them.

 Bloomington Illinois Peoria Illinois child photographer, capturing the everyday moments of summer in childhood.

As a photographer, I'm trying to be more and more intentional about capturing the everyday JOY in our lives with three young children. The quiet moments, the moments that sometimes seem too routine or "everyday" to capture... because I'm remembering, these everyday moments fill up the majority of childhood! They may seem routine to me right now, but they too, are fleeting.

 Capturing candid summer fun. Sprinkler shots by Becky Hoschek Photography and Branding Design.
 Photographing playful fun in the sprinkler. Capturing water droplets and summer fun by Becky Hoschek.

What kind of everyday moments could you be capturing?